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GPS Drag Racer FREE


Real motor drag racing using your phone's GPSRecord your 0-60, 0-100 km/h drag time with GPS accuracyRecord your fastest quarter mile timeRecord your absolute top speedIncludes live speedometerAre you the fastest track drag racer?**Using your phone's GPS, you can now record the fastest times you can go in your car.**
Now you can use your phone's GPS to drag race in real life, on real tracks. Record your fastest times and compete against your friends in different locations.
The app has a live speedometer too, so you can always see how fast you're going.Use the speedo to clock the fastest top speed!
**Download GPS Drag Racer for free, and enjoy the new way of motor racing!**
How to use:*Ensure your device's GPS location is ON.*Open GPS Drag Racer Free and put the phone down on your car's dashboard.*If GPS is locked, you are ready to go!*Reach the stated speeds as fast as possible! Your result will be shown.*Stand still to reset timer and start again to improve your time!
Please provide feedback on the accuracy with your device.
Safety rules:*Do not operate app while driving.*Only race on closed roads*Do not break any traffic laws while racing